About Us


Gateway to the Catskills!

 We don't want you running all over trying to find  things. We want you to find everything you need in one stop. That's why,  when it comes to variety
the Olive's Cafe & Country Store has got you covered. We have it all from camping gear to air fresheners to cheeseburgers. So stop in and let us get you what you need 


Everything for your Vacation!

Camping Supplies
... Fishing Licenses, Live Bait & Tackle
We're the only convenience and  general store in the entire Ashokan Reservoir Area to offer fishing  licenses, tackle and live bait.
Currently we offer live ‘shiners', salted bait fish,  worms, and artificial bait fish, crayfish, crickets, frogs, and trout  flies for the weekend or more serious sport fisherman.
We also stock lead free sinkers, hooks, line, fillet knives, plastic bait buckets, styro lined bait buckets.  We also have an extensive line of camping needs, backpacks, coolers, gifts, along with food and beverages.


Something for Everyone!

Do you need to fill up your vehicle? 

Are you hungry? Do you need a new shirt? Well ...    "Olive's Country Store and Café"  is your place for one stop shopping.  We have everything you need from food to gas, at affordable prices. Our  restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, where you can order  delicious eggs and bacon or some juicy fried chicken. So  come on in, and if you can't find it ... our caring and helpful staff will help you find it.

Come in for breakfast or lunch ~ we are open seven days a week starting at 5:30 AM. Whatever you are looking for our store is sure to have it. So, the next time you need a drink, a gift, live bait, a candy bar or some camping gear. COME ON IN.